NY & LA Pt.2 – The Coach

The Coach
Coaches set the tone of a team and occasionally, when they are transcendant, the tone of a city.

NY – Joe Torre
This Yankees skipper took New York baseball (not you, Mets) from the dark ages into the age of the Dark Side. He built a team that people either see as a dynasty or an “Evil Empire.” Aside from countless accolades and championships, it’s his cool demeanor and his ability to bring together star personalities that he shares with LA’s iconic coach.

Honorable Mention: Tom Coughlin
Dishonorable Mention: Isiah Thomas

LA – Phil Jackson
The Zen Master has coached some of the greatest talents and best teams to ever play basketball, but if you ask anyone if another coach would have had the same success, they’d laugh at you. Phil has had the honor of coaching two of the best shooting guards to have ever played basketball, but he’s also handled the egos that come with them. Not to mention two of the strangest men in the NBA in Dennis Rodman and Metta World Peace. His eastern philosophies and ability to mellow out the most volatile of personalities typifies Los Angeles, and they love him for it.

Honorable Mention: John Wooden
Dishonorable Mention: Mike D’Antoni

Bonus: Phil Jackson on Kobe vs. Jordan

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