08.07 I am the boatman

from on stage, the plague


08.07 I am the boatman
I will get you across
this cold accursed river

I will row
and you can rest
you’ve paid your toll
you done your best

close your eyes
and lie down in this old wooden boat
let the waves rock you to sleep
and allow the moans
of dead
to serenade your eyelids
down into a deep
deep slumber

let your tears fall
to the river of tears
and let your sorrows
drown in the murky liquid
beneath our feet
never to return

on the other side,
it is greener,
I promise,
I’ve seen it

it’s full of lights
and the lights never dim,
or break
the warmth will fill you
even before you reach the shore,
but you must endure this
and this boatman

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