Rainbow Note

No one asked me for my opinion on the matter, but like many people who have no business speaking publicly, I am now going to share it.

I have a lot of impressions about this week’s ruling to legalize same-sex marriage, and you can feel free to ask me about them, but I wanted to share something with my Christian brothers and sisters out there.

For a lot of people, this decision is joyous and validating. It can be an affirmation for someone who has been marginalized, oppressed and discriminated against for their entire life. I don’t know if I can begin to appreciate what this week has meant for people who have been made to feel like second-class citizens in this country. For the relief, acceptance and affirmation that people I love have finally experienced this week, I am thankful. I don’t endorse or support the decision because I have a responsibility to uphold the standards that my God has called me to, but I can appreciate what it means for some people I care for very much.

That being said, I do agree with some panicked Christians who say that the persecution will increase for us when we speak up for what we believe in. It will be harder and harder to have a biblical perspective, not only on this issue, but many moral issues. A shift is coming. Slowly, or quickly, Christians will become the ones who are marginalized, muted and mistreated. The hard times are coming our way, and it’s going to be a rough ride.

My thought is this: Good. Maybe it’s weird that I think it’s good that the stones will be cast in the opposite direction now, but I’d rather that we, as Christians, take the heat. Let the trials come our way. We can take it.

I’m not saying that I’m trying to protect anyone, or save anyone. I’m not saying that anyone needed protecting or saving. I’m just saying that even though my stance on the matter doesn’t change, it doesn’t mean that I can’t be gracious. Make no mistake, this decision will come at great cost to the religious in this country. I just think that maybe we should be happy and willing to pay it.

Our hope is in a good God, one that I believe will give us the poise, grace and strength to endure the fire. If it means that a group of people don’t have to endure the vitriol of the general public, then let the first stones be cast upon us. Let us lay down some of our own rights and take the lumps. It just feels like something our boss would do.

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