The Knicks: A Conversation

Me: I’d be happy if they lost by 5 or 10.
Thomas: Does that mean they’re down?
Me: Only by four.

Thomas showers

Tom: What’s the score?
Me: Down by ten.
Thomas: What?!
Me: What did you expect? They’re playing the tenth seed in the west.
Thomas: …

Me: Let’s see, who can the Knicks beat?
Thomas: Hmm…
Me: The Cavs maybe. Minus Kyrie Irving.
Thomas: Only if Kyrie is out.


Thomas: The Wizards!
Me: Yes! The Wizards!


Me: The Sixers?
Thomas: I don’t know about that.
Me: Maybe if Jrue Holliday is having an off day.
Thomas: Sacramento?
Me: They just beat Chicago by forty points.
Thomas: Oh.


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